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Local Textbook Committee Timelines/Examination Samples

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November - December

The superintendent of each school district in the state shall appoint a local textbook committee consisting of not fewer than three nor more than nine members. Each committee shall have one lay member, with the remainder of the members being teachers employed in the public schools of the district, a majority of whom shall be classroom teachers. The superintendent of schools or a designee who shall be a principal or a curriculum specialist shall serve as chairperson of such local textbook committee.

After the November State Textbook Committee Adoption meeting, a list of the new official selections made by the State Textbook Committee will be sent to each school district. Information to assist districts in developing a textbook plan and instructions for receiving sample materials, will be included in this mailout.

SAMPLES: Publishers will comply with all local school district sampling policies and failure to do so may jeopardize their textbook contract. Upon the written request of any duly appointed local textbook coordinator, the publisher of a textbook which has been selected by the State Textbook Committee, shall furnish at least one examination copy of the textbook to the school district so that the local textbook committee may examine any or all new adoptions in the subjects taught or to be taught in schools within the district. Districts may contact Turnpike Transit,Inc. (TTI) for them to pickup any samples that schools want to return. Materials must be boxed and this service is no cost to schools. Contact TTI for more information at (800) 468-4096. Each Congressional District has a review center where adopted materials are displayed.

January - March

During the “textbook caravan,” local textbook committee members may attend one of the workshops around the state for publisher presentations of newly adopted materials. These caravans are sponsored each year by the Oklahoma Educational Publisher's Association.

Local textbook committees are invited to contact an Instructional Materials staff member to review the textbook law, local district responsibilities, sampling, estimate of textbook needs and deadlines, or access the internet for current information.

The State Textbook Committee approves substitution items for the Official List during the first week in February.

Local textbook committees make final selections for their district's adoption and work with publisher representatives, according to the school district's policies. Forms are developed by the depositories for estimating textbook needs for their publishers’ titles. This gives publishers a way of knowing how many items to have in stock, so items do not have to be backordered. These estimate of needs forms are available at

iStar Online

March - April

District estimate of textbook needs are to be downloaded at iStar Online. Estimates are due the first week in April.


The Annual Textbook allocation amount is sent to each school district by the State Aid section. District purchase orders are to be completed and returned to the appropriate depository, which has been selected by the publisher to handle their textbooks. Oklahoma Cost Accounting System (OCAS) codes will be used for adopted and non adopted materials. Up to twenty percent (20%) of the allocated funds may be used for rebinding or for student materials that are not adopted.

Additional materials needed by districts may be ordered on open account from the depository which handles the publisher’s textbooks, by using the individual depository’s directions. Although these are not purchased with state funds, districts may be asked by the depositories to included them in their estimate of needs.

According to 70 O.S. § 16-1-2 (D), five or more district boards of education may petition the State Board of Education to add a student textbook or series of textbooks to the approved list selected by the State Textbook Committee. Rules for this process and petition forms are available upon request.

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