State Textbook Committee - Member Information


  • State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister—Chairperson
  • Nancy Brewer, Congressional District 3 - Vice-Chairperson


  • Bradley McNutt, Congressional District 1
  • Olivia Ehle, Congressional District 1
  • April Boatright, Congressional District 2
  • Joniece LeValley, Congressional District 3
  • Keely Cox, Congressional District 4
  • Kim Ellis, Congressional District 5
  • Kathryn Szallar, Congressional District 5
  • Melissa Pearce, At-Large
  • Emberly Kincer, At-Large
  • Rebecca Morales, Secretary e-mail

Unlike many states, the Oklahoma State Department of Education, by law, has a very limited role in the textbook adoption process. The State Department of Education assists the State Textbook Committee in scheduling and securing facilities for meetings, facilitates an interactive forum between the publishers and the State Textbook Committee, and provides guidance to schools about the process for purchasing instructional materials.

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Oklahoma State Textbook Committee
2500 N. Lincoln Boulevard, Room 315
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105

Instructional Materials: (405) 521-3456